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    load / unload a lot...

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      Hi there,


      I'm working on an interactive presentation.

      While clicking on buttons and text links new movies (swf's) pop up.

      Each movie has a <close> button.


      But i'm confused about how to use the 'loadMovie' and 'unloadMovieNum' with the different levels.

      What is the best way to work this out and keep it workable.


      I added an illustration of the 'presentation and it's functionality'.


      I hope someone could explain me.





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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you use loadMovieNum() to load a swf into a _level, use unloadMovieNum() to unload it.


          if you use loadMovie() to load a swf into a target movieclip, use unloadMovie() or, even better, use removeMovieClip() applied to the target movieclip.