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    Flex/Coldfusion data access layer

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      I'm researching ways to achieve a data access layer using flex/coldfusion.

      Currently it seems that I would need a RemoteObject on each flex component that will access ColdFusion (a cfc that will access a database).


      I'm not sure if it's possible to have a data access class, which will contain a single RemoteObject, and somehow I will be able to request data from a component and somehow retrieve it again. I have the feeling I'd have to dispatch events at the component level, and also include the result handling here too, which I'm not sure is ideal. I haven't been able to decide on a strategy yet.


      So far I've only found articles describing a need to have a layered structure when building a large data-centric application, however no examples of how this is actually acheived.


      If anyone has seen any examples of this please could you share them here.