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    clarification sought about Application type and library availability

    timo888 Level 1

      I am new to Adobe's product line and am confused about something and would be grateful for some clarification.


      In Flex Builder 3 when creating a new Project, there is an Application type radio button:

      O Web application (runs in Flash Player)

      O Desktop application (runs in Adobe AIR)


      Is my understanding correct that if I choose "Web application", classes identified in the documentation as "AIR only" (e.g. HTMLLoader class) will be unavailable to my app?


      Here's the source of my confusion. The class is called flash.html.HTMLLoader  and the class is found in the flash.html package, but the documentation reads "(AIR only)".


      Do I have to choose "Desktop application" when creating the new project if I want the app to have access to the HTMLLoader class (and others marked "AIR" in the docs)?