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    IDS CS4 installation issue wierdness




      here's the scenario


      - IDS CS4 installed on our dev server - fine.

      - Developed com/vb web app for client - fine.

      - Installed IDS CS4 on clients server (Win 2003 vanilla install) - not so fine.



      - IDS CS4 on our server doesn't 'seem' to show up in task manager and works at speeds I would expect for the system spec.

      - On clients server it appears in task manager when lauched via com/vb from a web app and runs very slow (the clients server is a blistering quad core 64bit monster)

      Also on our server it shows in the DCOM list but doesn't show up on the clients server in the DCOM list and I notice on the clients server there is a DCOM error appearing in the event viewer.

      but here's the thing


      I can only run IDS CS4 once, after that it just sits there doing nout, as if crashed.

      To get the thing to work on the clients server I've had to add InDesignerServer.quit to get the thing to shut down ready for the next time it wants to be launched. And I can track this in task manager.



      It seems to me that I'm having to launch and close IDS CS4 each time I want to use it on the clients server. Whilst on our server it is 'on' listening/waiting for calls/instructions as you would expect.


      IDS CS4 seemed to serialise correctly although I did have to uninstall and reinstall twice before it worked.

      Is this a 64bit issue? ...dunno. Any help greatly appreciated from this excellent forum.