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    How do I debug an http service over a LAN in flex4


      Hi I have a problem I would really like some help with.I am hoping to use PHP as a back end for my app. I don't think AMF looks viable as I can't change the php.ini file on the production server or install Zend. As my data requirements are very small I have opted for http service calls .My set up is all my files are on a development machine and I'm editing them through a lan connection on windows vista. I have php Zend server runing on the server with mysql set up.

      My problem relates to testing. When I debug the file the calls don't seem to get through. The Network monitor confirms this. Also the spinning Icon stays up. I don't get any exception however.

      If I then open up the swf file through the network share then the file works. If I copy it from the share to my hard drive it doesn't. I don't understand whats going on but it's making debugging difficult as I can't use traces this way and exceptions are ugly.

      Is there a simple solution to this problem?


      Things it can't be : firewall. I can definitely open this address on port 80. Also the network address is right and I assume that if I open the client on my machine then it is connecting from my machine, so when it works the address must be right.The only thing I can think is the cross domain policy but I don't see why that should occur when the files on the same machine or does flex create a local copy for testing?