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    RH8 Scripts for a Merged WebHelp Project?

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      I'm specifically interested in the Link Converter.jsx script, and whether it can be used to replace links across a 42-project merged WebHelp project. If so, how? (I understand that Adobe, rather than any users, should address this issue, but I didn't think the Wish/Bug Report method was the way to go.)


      Would you:


      1. Copy the .jsx file to the master project folder.
      2. Change the old & new file names inside the script.
      3. Run the script from the command line in the master project folder.


      Most importantly, would the script automatically Check Out (RSC 3.1 , in our case) each topic that needs a new link, and then Check In the changed topic files? There doesn't appear to be any function for that in the script, at least to these untrained eyes, and we would not know beforehand which topics needed changing. I guess we could Check Out all 2,678 topics before running the script, but that's a major hassle (there's always at least one of the seven writers who forgot to Check In a project before going home).


      I'm currently using FAR to accomplish these link changes, but that's a four-step process.


      1. In FAR, Find (only) the topics needing to be changed.
      2. In RSC, Check Out those topics.
      3. In FAR, Replace the links in the selected topics.
      4. In RSC, Check In the changed topics.



      Good luck,