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    FB4, Data Services&PHP returned data is lost




      I set up an RPC call using the data services, all works fine so far. Fb built a dataType for me holding all the returned variables. Now I let Fb generate the communication forms for me. This results in a form where I put in the parameters and hit the button that triggers the call. And a second form that is supposed to show the results. Now whereas the call of the rpc works fine, the results are never shown. When I dump in the php what is supposed to be returned all looks fine.

      As far as I understand Fb sets up an RPCManager that is supposed to handle the result. But I do not understand how to trace the callback. (I used to use the HTTPService where I set up a callback event manually, this was easy to trace but I am kind of stuck with the RPCManager).


      Is there a possibility to track the callback function that is supposed to handle the return values of the rpc call? PHP returns an associative array, when I configure the Data service in Fb all fields are correctly identified. What could be a reason for the result form not to show anything? Using RPCs that return a single string only works fine!


      THX in advance.