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    RoboHelp 8 - file encoding for TOC and Index?

    tspaul Level 1



      Things you need to know before I get to my question:

      -We have recently upgraded to RoboHelp 8 from X5.

      -We have a few help projects in Spanish. The project settings for these projects have the language set to Spanish.

      -We use the WebHelp output.

      -We use the topics and the Contents and Index files (whlstt and whlsti files) in the whgdata folder outside of the normal frameset. This is because we need our help to open in a single-framed narrow window, not the typical two-framed output.


      Although the topic files alll seem to have the proper file encoding and tags, the contents and index files cause us some problems. My software engineer is telling me that the contents and index files are not UTF-8 encoded. This seems to contradict everything I've read about RoboHelp 8, so I think there must be a misunderstanding somewhere along the line.


      All searches that I have done lead to the same help page on authoring topics in multiple languages. That topic mentions that you can "Generate TOC, index, and glossary by using Unicode strings."


      Is there a special way that I need to generate these? What does it mean to generate them by using Unicode strings?