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    cflayout refresh problem

    Nick201 Level 1

      I am using cfloayout tag. everytime I use browser refresh or window.reload it goes to default page instend of the page i am.


      for example i click on news link it will open the news page in the center.

      But if i  use manaul refresh or window reload it goes to defualt home page instead of staying in news page. Any idea?





      <cflayoutarea position="left" title="Admin" splitter="true" collapsible="true" size="175" maxSize="175" align="left"><br />
          <table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="10" border="0">
          <tr><td> <a href="javaScript:ColdFusion.navigate(home.cfm','center')">Home</a></td></tr>

          <tr><td> <a href="javaScript:ColdFusion.navigate(news.cfm','center')">news</a></td></tr>

          <tr><td> <a href="javaScript:ColdFusion.navigate(admin.cfm','center')">admin</a></td></tr>

          <tr><td> <a href="javaScript:ColdFusion.navigate(media.cfm','center')">media</a></td></tr>


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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think that that is what Coldfusion is supposed to do. When you click on the news link, and open the news page, you're still in the default page. That is, you're opening the news page in a container within the context of the default page. A refresh therefore simply applies to the default page. To refresh the news page, create a link or button within the news page itself, that uses Javascript to refresh the page.