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    Illustrator CS4 Freezing When Loading Print Option


      Computer Specs:

      Dell Dimension 3000

      Windows XP (SP3)

      750 MB of RAM

      Pentium 4 (2.80 GHZ)

      40 GB HD / 20 GB Available

      ** Security patches up-to-date.


      Illustrator Version:

      CS4 v14.0.0



      When I am go to "File > Print" the print screen begins to load and then completely freezes. The default printer is set to "Brother GT-541". This is a digital garment inkjet printer. If I switch the default printer to something else, the print screen will load without issue. If I then change the destination printer in the drop-down menu to "Brother GT-541" it will freeze. Once Illustrator is frozen, I need to force quit in order to get back into Illustrator.


      I contacted the company we purchased the Brother GT-541 from - to see if they were aware of any issues. There were none - but they explained that they have no customers who use CS4, most all of them use CS3 or prior. They advised that I update the Brother GT-541 printer driver, which I did - and it turned out to be no help.


      At this point I do not know what to try. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.



      Cody S.