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    Re: Premiere Elements 8 NVidia problem


      I can't work with windows seven 64 bits with this new version.



      After few seconds run time error VC++ when i insert video and accept improve mode


      Crash without message in effect module


      I don't know if the problem comme from seven RC version or Premiere Elements 8.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Heron62 wrote:


          Crash without message in effect module


          This sounds like the nVidia driver problem many of us have had (there are around half-a-dozen threads about this).


          If you have an nVidia graphics card and are running nVidia driver 190.62 then remove (and do not reinstall) the PhysX / Steroscopic3D features from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.


          Who knows - this may also fix the VC++ problem. If it does, please let us know as it extends the forums knowledge of this nVidia bug.


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            Heron62 Level 1

            Exact nvidia bug.

            I can work few minute now, but freeze and crash again lot of lot of time.


            I like

            - display result on second screen very easy

            - following object

            - preview of effect


            I diskike

            - slow (on intel 4 cores 2,5 with 8go ram)

            - few sound improvment fonction

            - error of translation in french "mode racord dynamique"

            - error in windows 7 64bits version when you try to get media from directory you lost the file list when you select file

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Heron, I have branched your topic to a new thread.