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    problem in autotextinput?

    435.mahesh Level 1


      i have attatched zip file.It will contains four files.
      2)AutoCompleteTextInput.as(code downloaded from net)
      3)employee(click).jpg---This problem is due to when u writing click event in AutoTextInput.mxml(click=fnTextInput());
          This image will contains datagrid.Inside that u will find Employee Name as headername.It will contains
      4)empname(change).jpg--This problem is due to when u writing change event in AutoTextInput.mxml(change=fnTextInput());
            These two errors in ---(1)
      public function fnTextInput():void
              Here my requirement is want to access divisionEmpId when u select item in AutoTextInput.mxml(datagrid).
      How to achieve that?(I have done same as for combobox(role Name) in datagrid,but i got id).





      D.Mahesh Babu