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    Dean on YouTube (xpost)

    Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

      Hi all,


      Posted this on the Basics forum but it is Lingo related so posting here in case anyone is interested and misses the other post. If you want to discuss anything, perhaps would be worth keeping that on the Basics forum thread.


      I decided to try video my lectures this session and put them online. I have posted some to YouTube and UNSWTV (my university's own YouTube like site). I can't make all public as my uni is strict about copyright. If I use any work in my lecture that is not my own (videos, audio etc) and can't get permission from the owner, it can't be made public. But, for now, some are online for viewing.


      I'm still learning how to best capture my lectures.


      UNSWTV Course 1 URL
      The first couple are tests. Third 'The Business of Games) is a guest speaker. Fourth is a Director Lingo Basics talk.



      Lingo Basics
      UNSWTV: http://tv.unsw.edu.au/video/w04-lingo-basics-dean-utian
      YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rwxg7aGWTy8&feature=channel_page


      UNSWTV Course 2 URL
      Has the guest speaker, and my 2 programming lectures.


      UNSWTV - Intro to Programming: http://tv.unsw.edu.au/video/w03-intro-to-programming-dean-utian
      YouTube - Intro to Programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_CiWFeqqWE&feature=channel_page

      This was an outdoor lecture so has the additional challenge of background noise and audio capture of the students.Not sure how well it captures what went on, but thought I'd put it up anyway.


      UNSWTV - Lingo Programming: http://tv.unsw.edu.au/video/w04-lingo-programming-dean-utian
      YouTube -  Lingo Programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVx6ZMlac1I&feature=channel_page


      I'm uploading others. Most won't be able to go onto YouTube because I use copyright material. You can find the ones at YouTube at:


      Anyway, feel free to comment or rate my videos on YouTube - of course that's only if you have good comments


      Thanks and enjoy.




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