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    Acrobat crashed - can't enter Javascript code anymore!

    MarkWalsh Level 4

      I just had Acrobat (8.1.2) crash on me while I was working on the Javascript code I had in the file. When I opened the file after the crash, the javascript code was empty - everything had been obliterated in the code module. And even when I enter new code and close the editor, when I try to open it again, it's empty again.


      I have Acrobat set to use an external app (I am using TextWrangler on a mac), so I don't know if that has any bearing on what happened, but the file now seems to be corrupted as any code I enter whether in an external app, or in the Acrobat javascript editor does not get saved. I tested the file on another computer, with the same results. Other files work properly on my computer.


      Is there any way to recover the code from the file? I had spent several hours on several parts of the code, and am not looking forward to having to recreate my work.