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      Hi everybody.


      I'm working on a project that requires to connect to an ADO.NET DB.

      I've tried, I think, every tutorial on the web about Flash Remoting MX, but all the tutorials are made for Flash MX and

      all the classes/functions/etc they use are now not anymore compatible with CS4.


      Do you know some way to retrieve data from this db?


      The Server Architecture is the follow:

      - SQL Server DB under aspnet 2.0 website, without the possibility to install third party components.

      - The website and the flash movie are in the same directory of IIS


      Thank you all in advance



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am illiterate in db matters for the most part, but chances are you do not need to figure out how to get Flash to work with a DB, since it will not, but you need to figure out how to get some server-side scripting language like asp or php to interact with the db, and have Flash interact with the asp/php.  I only have experience going the php route, and it sounds like you need an asp middleman.


          Regarding CS4 and MX... if you have code that works for MX designs, then it should work with CS4 so long as you are working with AS1/AS2 set in your publish settings.  CS4 can essentially be used to develop files using any version of actionscript.

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