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    Mac Projector - where to put external files?

    nicknameforme Level 1

      We are creating a simple video player using Flash on a PC.  Our customer is on a Mac.


      All of the videos are external FLVs which are accessed by the Flash projector.  Once we publish the Mac projector we end up with an .App folder and inside that is MacOS and Resources.


      The publishing process ignores the FLVs, presumably since they are external files.


      We tried putting all the FLVs inside the Resources folder but it's not working.  The files are not found when a Mac user tries to run the projector.


      Where should these files be placed?


      -- Also I should mention, we're using a FLVPlayback component which references Steel.swf -- a video playback tool and that doesn't seem to show up either on the Mac (the SWF was also placed in Resources).  I need to have a mac user test this part further, but I'm pretty sure this is the case.