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    an error has occurred in this script on this page - i.e 7.0


      Hi All

      I have what looks like a common printing error because I see it in the forum but after searching the forum and talking to Adobe for over an hour I still can't find a resolution.  I can't believe users have this error every day and we have no resolution?  I dont even know if it is an Adobe or Microsoft error.

      It says I.E 7.0 at the top and the only possible resoltuion I saw was changing the setting in I.E under tools > internet options but I believe this just stops the error from displaying but does not actually stop the problem. If my error is in my script, i do not have any background with coding and HTML.

      This errror only occurs from the hard drive when you are in HTML output and wish to print a complete chapter not an individual topic.  The users have to reply yes to continue like 20-30 times to exit this error and finally print.


      Please help me since my project is due in a few weeks!