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    PRE 8 Organizer: "Auto-analysis" and change of tag icon not working

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hi, in the organizer of PSE8+PRE8 on Win i have three problems (so far tested only photos, not video):




      • I select some thumbnails and use "auto analyze" (for quality level etc.). Then i get a status bar "auto analyzing starts" - and it never gets beyond that stage. I have to click "cancel" to get out. That's also true with one single image selected.
      • The icons for tags like "Mary" automatically get a small picture (Mary's face). It is usually possible to change this tag picture after right-clicking. But then, the button "Edit symbol" is greyed out.
      • The menu for sorting by date in ascending/descending order doesn't change anything (i always see oldest pictures first).




      There's lot of available hard disk in Elements' drive, but only 800 MB on the C: drive. I changed NONE of the preferences.  When i change preference to "auto analyze on organizer's start-up", it still doesn't work. In the task manager, i do NOT see a task like "PhotoshopElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe" or so. I believe i saw this task in a slightly earlier version where everything worked fine. The problem exists with old catalogs as well as with newly created catalogs. Re-starts and re-booting didn't help either. I have perfectly normal camera JPEGS - and the face recognition works fine. It seems that the sub-application "PhotoshopElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe (?)" misses - could you advise me which file to look for?




      Btw, i have Win XP SP2 with 4 GB memory on a non-English system with appropriate non-English PRE8 retail version (so don't know the exact command names). Photoshop Elements 8 is installed too.




      I would like to try "auto analyzing" and i would like to change tag icon pictures. Of course i could re-install, but that's just so tedious and i don't even know if it helps. Would you have any other ideas, experiences? Am i alone? Thanks a lot!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I think it's well worth contacting Adobe about these problems. The Organizer in version 8 is a relatively fresh build, and it could be that they didn't get all of the kinks worked out.


          Is anyone else seeing similar issues with v8?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Apparently you get the program with the Auto-analysis enabled in the "Elements Organizer". I suddenly noticed that one of my .wmv sample videos kept appearing in the Organizer in one of those "version set" looking thumbnails (video split into clips as you would see in Scene Detect by Content). So, I disabled the AutoAnalyzer in "Elements Organizer" Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalyzer and the problem went away. But, I was not sure about cause and effect until....

            a. with Auto-analysis disabled in Preferences, I imported that .wmv sample video (in one piece) via Get Media

            b. then I right clicked the thumbnail in the Premiere Elements 8 Organizer, select Run Auto-Analyzer.

            c. guess what, after Auto-Analysis, I got my video file split into clips.


            I suspect that Auto-Analysis and Background Rendering features may be best used "disabled"??



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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Henrik Nerr


              What are the typically pixel dimensions of the jpeg photos that you are using?



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                Henrik Nerr Level 1

                A.T., thanks for your ideas, pics have been 2 - 12 megapixels so far, roughly 1200 - 4000 pixels wide. Nothing very small, just average camera output (with camera set to various sizes).

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Henrik Nerr


                  I have thought further on the questions that you presented.


                  1. Computer resourses and the complexity of your photos may be impacting the "Auto Analyze" issue. You say that you have your Premiere Elements 8 in a Windows XP SP2 system. Is it 32 or 64 bit and is there any reason why you have not updated that to SP3? You say that your computer has 4 GB RAM. Is that installed RAM? If so, how much is actually available? You say " There's lot of available hard disk in Elements' drive, but only 800 MB on the C: drive. Could you explain? Typically, the Premiere Elements program files go in with the other program files on the C: local hard drive. And, if you do not have enough free hard drive space there, you can place your source media and scratch files on an external hard drive attached to your computer. See Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Files. You may be directing your scratch files to where there is not enough hard drive space.


                  I have a 8 MP camera. Typically, one of my jpeg photos has pixel dimensions of 3264 x 2448 pixels. If I use Run AutoAnalyzer on one of them, the process is complete within less than 1 minute. I have Windows XP SP3, about 1 GB available RAM and above 70 GB free hard drive space on my C local hard drive. I use an external hard drive (formatted NTFS and with 200 GB free hard drive space for source media and preview, encoding, media cache files. The Media Cache File Folder can pile up with conformed audio (.cfa and .pek) very rapidly and take up a lot of hard drive space.


                  2. From what you wrote about the "Mary tags", I am assuming the you are creating keyword tags either as New Keyword Tags or part of a face recognition process. In has been my experience, whether you have Premiere Elements 7 or 8, the only time that you get to edit the icon is for the Category, not the subcategory or keyword tag. I went over and over that this evening and that is what I observed. So, you should not have "Edit Icon or Symbol" available for the edit of a keyword tag or face recognition keyword tag. Further under a category with the icon and its color the you select, the sub categories created thereafter should be the same color, but necessarily the same icon as the category icon.


                  3. As for the menu for sorting by date in ascending/descending order, that should be changing. It does in my Premiere Elements 8. Is there any chance that you have a batch of varied photos on display in the Organizer window that are all about the same time?


                  Please check out my comments and see if any of them can be of help. Maybe together we can determine what is happening and move forward. I am not an Organizer type person, but I try to keep up with what should be happening even though I do not use the Organizer too much.



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                    Henrik Nerr Level 1



                    thanks for all your considerations! I want to say first that i am also not an Organizer person, but i wanted to try and use the features discussed anyway. So, my answer is a bit short.


                    - I don't know why i don't have Win XP SP3. SP2 has been fine so far and i am scared to change a running system (will get new PC with Win 7 soon anyway). It's 32 Bit now. When i start the Elements Photo Editor, it says in the preferences that it has 1,6 GB RAM available and 1,0 GB is assigned currently. It's regular installed RAM. I didn't have any changes in the organizer after i assigned 1350 in the Editor and re-started everything. Most of my applications are not in the default C: position, but on another drive. This has almost never brought problems so far, including many Adobe applications.

                    - Prompted by your input, i examined ascending/descending order again. Now i know: If you have only pictures of one single day, there is no change in thumbnail order when you switch from "ascending" to "descending" and back. Of course pics from morning and evening should change position, but they don't. BUT: If you add one pic from another day, switching from "ascending" to "descending" suddenly fully works - including pics taken on one same day changing position. (To test Organizer, auto analysis and face recognition under fast conditions, i had originally only 20 pics in the catalog, all from one family day trip. And there, i couldn't change the order.)

                    - I checked "auto analyze" again. Now i can say: When i start "auto analyze" manually, i see "ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe" for half a second in the task manager. Then it disappears, and on the Organizer screens, the status bar keeps claiming "Starting analysis" until i click "Cancel". If i try a second time, no more "ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe" appears in the task manager. I also switched users on my PC to a user which has no utilities whatsoever running, less than 10 processes in the task manager, turned off anti-virus - still the same problem with "auto analyze".


                    There's some strange behaviour. I think one has to wait if they care to deliver a bugfix. I wouldn't want to do any further lengthy  tests, i don't think it's worth wasting one's time before there is a bugfix delivered that expressively acknowledges the issues mentioned. I am not a computer geek, just like to play with pictures and videos; i thought Elements was made for people like that.