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    AIR fails to install

    Simon Aldworth

      For some time I have been trying to install the BBC iPlayer. Each time I do so it appears to be installing AIR successfully then I receive a Windows dialogue box telling me that the installer has stopped working (see picture file "AIR problem 1"). I am an Administrator and my McAfee security was switched off. The OS is Vista Home Premium.


      Following this I downloaded the AIR installer from the Adobe site and tried to install AIR that way. When I do this I get to two dialogue boxes asking if I want to run the named file. The first is in picture file "AIR problem 2" and the second in file "AIR problem 3". This double request seems odd. I press 'run' on both occasions and then nothing happens.


      I've tried the installer log process and all the file contains is the line 'ECHO is on' and nothing more.


      My daughter has her own account (not an Admin account) and I can successfully install AIR when I'm logged on as her. Unfortunately this doesn't help as BBC iPlayer will not install on her account.


      I have now uninstalled the AIR application from her account.


      BBC seem unwilling to 'support' their own application and Adobe haven't been able to help either.


      I'd be grateful for any suggestions on how I might progress, even with some simple diagnostics. Please be aware that I am not particularly PC literate so any suggestions may need spelling out!