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    Need suggestions for completing a logo

    Jephotog Level 1

      I have used illustrator in the past, but it has been at least a decade, so I am a bit rusty to say the least.   I have watched a how to video so am getting back up to speed.  I am trying to recreate a very simple logo for a West Wight Potter a type of sailboat I own.  The sticker is from the previous manufacturer of the boat and is not available any more but as peoples 30 year old stickers are wearing out they are looking for new ones.


      So far I have been able to recreate the sail shape and H in the logo using the pen tool, but can't get the "M" or the "S" right.  I have gotten close to the M but in order to create miters in the top of the "M" I get a miter in the bottom of the M wich is flat in the logo.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?  And the S, so far I am hopeless getting a smooth S, so would appreciate suggestions for that as well.  Even better does someone recognize this font?  I am guessing from the age of the original it may be hand drawn, but I could get lucky.