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    Replace the contents of a Shape Layer?


      I have a shape layer that has an Ellipse shape in it with sever other attributes (mostly Repeaters). 


      What I would like to do is switch the Ellipse to another shape (Polystar), but keep all of the added attributes and their settings and keyframes in tact but I am unsure how to accomplish this easily...

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee


          If the Ellipse is parametric instead of path-based (ie, it has a property group with options like radius instead of a "path" property), you can't directly transform the shape into something else. But what you can easily do is just add another Shape to the same group at the same hierarchy level, then delete the Ellipse group. Just draw your new shape, select it, cut it and paste at the same hierarchical level where the Ellipse shape is.