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      I have searched the threads here, but would like the latest on the Printomatic Xtra. I have a Director 11.5 project that needs the latest beta Xtra (1.8). The Electronic Ink site is giving me errors on updating my serial number and I realize from previous threads that the company has been unresponsive. So, I am looking to the experts here for some possible solutions:


      1) Has anyone has success in contacting Electronic Ink or somehow getting the latest beta (and how did you do it)?

      2) Does the previous version of Printomatic work with Director 11.5?

      3) Can one still purchase the full version serial number from the site instead of updating from an older version (yes, I am that desparate)?

      4) Is there some alternative solution here for printing within Director 11.5? For example, is there another Xtra? Can the very basic printing functions in Director be somehow extended? Could "copy to clipboard" be used on multiple cast text members - allowing the user to paste/print from another application?


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.