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    Problems generating a self-signed certificate using SDK

      Adobe AIR 1.1 SDK was extracted to "D:\AIR\SDK\" in XP Pro SP2 system. Also Java 2 runtime version 1.4 installed.

      When I'm trying to generate a self-signed certificate I typed the following in command line:

      D:\AIR\SDK\bin\adt.bat -certificate -cn SelfSign 2048-RSA newcert.p12 pass123

      After a short delay an "unable to create output file" message appears in command console and an empty (0 byte length) newcert.p12 created.

      What may be the problem?

      Also I would like to know if there was another way to create self-signed certificates or is it possible to build air packages without signing the source code?

      Thanks in advance and sorry for bad English!