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    How to make simple flash audio player?

    Jane Smith 2300 Level 1

      I have some mp3 files in Quicktime format that I would like to put on a webpage. Each file, when clicked, come up in a separate page and play.


      My question: how can I modify these page with mp3 file so I can add some explanatory text to the page? Right now the site visitor just clicks on the link, a new page comes up and plays the file. But I can't modify what comes up. Nor can I even see Page Source.


      If there is a better way to implement my audio files to visitors can play the file and see the explanatory text at the same time, I would appreciate your suggestions.


      The specific page which contains the links is:  http://www.englishjapaneseonlinedictionary.com/dictionary_my_Japanese_teacher.ht m


      If you click on any of the files you will see the problem--I can't modify the page which comes up and plays the audio file


      Someone suggested I make a flash audio player to embed in a page. I know nothing about Flash. Can anyone direct me to some resources where I could make a flash player to play my files and that would allow me to add some other textual content to a webpage?




      Many thanks in advance,