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    SWF to FLV (automatically)


      I need to convert a .swf to a .flv in order to post the file on a web site that only allows .flv files. The coversion needs to be automatic (no GUI involved).

      Basically I have an swf that based on a text input by an user performs an animation. Now I need to aumatically upload the resulting animation to Youtube.


      I was thinking of going the following way:

      1- Dinamically create AS3 source code that would just play the animation passing the text as parameter, avoiding having to wait for the text input, to avoid user interaction.

      2- Create a service that would receive the resulting AS3 code and would compile it into an SWF using mxmlc.

      3- Convert the resulting SWF to FLV with a command line tool (I have only found Moyea SWF to Video SDK, which costs $1500) . The problem is that this tool does not work on Windows 2003 Server.


      This solution seems very complex, expensive and slow, but it was the only solution I found.


      I would like to know if anyone knows about any another tool that can be used on step 3, or if there is other solution for this problem.