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    Sort Order for Topic List

    DilbertIsMyHero Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp HTML V7.03.001


      In previous verisions (X5 and earlier), you could manipulate the order of the topic list to be the same as the order of the topics in your document.  To do this, I would import my Word document, then turn on MapIDs, then compile the help.  Close RoboHelp, delete the MapID file using Windows Explorer.  Reopen RoboHelp and the MapID file would recreate itself and the topic list would magically be in the exact same order as the topics in the original document.  This makes building a TOC so much quicker and easier.  It also aids me in a couple of other things just making them quicker.


      I have since upgraded to V7 and haven't had much need to use it like I had the previous versions.  Is there a way to make the Topic List Pod displays the topics in the same order as they are in the original source document?  If so, how?


      Thank you very much in advance for your time and assitance.



      Gilley Estes

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          You talk about sorting according to the order of topics in the document. RH HTML does not have any knowledge of document order as it creates topics on importing a document.


          I don't have X5 on this machine but as far as I recall the auto TOC create worked on the folder and file name order in Project Manager only and the Topic List had nothing to do with it. Quite how you managed to do this via Map IDs I don't know as no one got the order of the topics to be other than alpha, as far as I recall.


          RH8 allows you to sort the folders and files into any order you want in Project Manager. Maybe that would help.


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