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    Fireworks CS4 Popup Menu problem new install

    Vann Stockwell

      I am 80% sure that in Fireworks CS3 it worked fine and I have purchased the Master Collection and now it does not work in Fireworks CS4 correctly.


      I create a drop down list of buttons in Fireworks CS4.


      I click on the circle in the middle of the button and then click on Add Popup Menu.


      I go through all the steps to add the menu and hit okay when i am done.


      It does not show as it was added.


      I click on the circle in the middle and edit popup is not there, but add popup is there.


      I add it again with the same result.  No popup.


      I close the fireworks document and open it back up again.


      The popup menu is there now. (for lack of beter words, "HUH")


      I add another popup menu to the button above the one I just added it to.


      It does not show.


      I close the document and open it again.


      Guess what.  It is there now.


      I preview them in the browser and they work.  I click on the little circle and I can edit them.


      I really don't want to have to open and close the document each time to work on the popup menus.


      Any ideas?




      Vann Stockwell

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          Vann Stockwell Level 1

          I forgot to add.  Vista 64 Business and all updates have been added to Adobe.  Tried it on a friends Windows XP Home and had the same problem.

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            Hello for a couple of days a friend approuched me explaining the same problem so i decided to find a workaround for him and after a few minutes i discovered a way to get the darn thing working, here are the steps


            1. create the symbol - button

            2. open the popup menu editor and type all the menu items u want, when your done press the done btn

            3. As soon as your out of the popup menu editor double click the symbol you created on step one and make sure u are in it then go back

            and the problem will be solved it will have your menu in the editor again.



            i hope this helps everyone having this issue.



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              The work around helped me figure out what is wrong, but this is a hideous bug.. is Adobe going to fix it.. it's not fixed in the updates as of yet...These types of bugs cause work stress as well as loss of time trying to google for the fix... please Adobe, you are becoming like Microsoft where you release buggy products, and let the customers figure out work arounds...

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                Legacys7 Level 1

                I know that this is an old post, but I am having the same problem myself. Initially I wasn't able to make the drop down menu, today I was able to it without any issues, but when I decided to decrease the size of the menus, it wouldn't let me. I decided to delete it start from scratch with no success. Not only was that an issue, but the menu text all changed to the same title. That's annoying and unpredictable. Is there a solution to this problem? I'm hope so, seeing that this thread is a couple of years old (one reply is from that year. That's odd.), it looks like nothing has changed with the bug.

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                  SylviaMcc Level 1

                  I'm having the same problem.


                  I thought I was loosing my mind. I had menus dissapearing,  really slow response time. Pop-up menus I would edit them and they don't take the edits. I get the edits to work and then I export and the changes don't appear in the browser. Yes I did clear my browser caches.


                  I called Adobe about it. They got me to go to my libraries files, and rename my Fireworks pref file so the program would rebuilt it's preferences. That stopped it from crashing all the time but the pop-up menus are still not working.


                  Terrible version of the program. I used it for years.

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                    Legacys7 Level 1

                    Indeed it's very dissappointing and terribly slow when you execute any move. I feel like I'm using my old computer and waiting for webpages and programs to open up. This program for me came with the Suit 4 series; even my DreamWeaver is acting up. When I want to change the color of the b.g. I select the properties menu and try to use the color picker aka tear drop, when I use it to select a color, it will not close the color squares, it just continues to open back up trying to select over and over. I set on the phone over an hour arguing with a tech. that tried to conclude that there is nothing wrong with it because her CS4 works. Wtf? And now I've seen a recent video of CS5. Adobe what about the bugs in CS4?

                    • 7. work
                      SylviaMcc Level 1

                      Now I am really angry I have just spent 2 days trying to work on a really simple web project with Fireworks CS4. What a piece of junk. It crashes all the time takes forever doing anything. (I've been a power user since the very beginning)


                      Forget about pop-up menus they are completely buggy you will loose you mind. I called back to tech support after the preferences files fix didn't work. I got disconnected twice, that's after giving my name and info at least 4 times. I even asked the guy to call me back if we got disconnected and he didn't. POOR SERVICE!


                      Here is what I have found.

                      • I can't delete states on a buttons, sometimes
                      • I can't edit pop up menus. Sometimes they appear to have taken the edit but the changes disappear
                      • I can't export pop up menus, sometimes it exports the mm_css_menu.js file and  sometimes it doesn't. Export settings don't seem to matter
                      • Sometimes you can right click on a button and add a pop up menu sometimes you can't you have to add it through the behaviors panel
                      • If you can add a pop-up menu, sometimes it will show and sometimes it won't
                      • You never get any kind of error messages telling what the heck is going on.


                      Adobe support is just terrible now.


                      Honestly I'm ready to throw in the towel on Adobe. I've completely lost faith in the company, glad I don't have any stock. I would recommend uninstalling CS4 and loading CS3 if you want to get any work done.



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                        Legacys7 Level 1

                        Sadly I don't have CS3. I purchased this with a student discount. This buggy features reminds me of Netobjects Fusion, another web developing program with a very similar layout, but will crash and modify things that you never touched. As for the Tech. service, I gave up after my first call, I pretty much experience the same issues; they gave me a case number to call back if I couldn't resolve my Dreamweaver problem. The case number wasn't found. This outsourcing makes it harder when you're dealing with people that only know the basic tech. stuff and can't figure out the complex issues unless they're confirmed and what needs to be addressed. I've read plenty of these tech. nightmares from Adobe users.


                        I guess the fortunate part is that I'm using a coder to do something where it only require basic layout in Fireworks where he can slice the design up and code it within a different program. But yeah, it's buggy. This is too much money for a program with these type of problems.

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                          Vann Stockwell Level 1

                          Sorry I have been away with these last groups of posts.  I pray that CS5 is not coming out.  We just upgraded.  We can't do this every year.  I have been using Dreamweaver for my web development and Photoshop for my images.  I am trying to learn Fireworks, but I do not really see why it is any better than photoshop.  It tries to export to CSS, but it generally is not worth it to try.  I was never able to get the pop up menus that I made to work in Dreamweaver and thus ended me worrying about the pop ups not working.  I have made no progress on this issue.

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                            Vann Stockwell Level 1

                            Actually I meant to try this.  I will try this over the next day or two and let you know if it resolves my problems.  I do think I had already turned it into a symbol and it was still not working.  Will let you know.

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                              SylviaMcc Level 1

                              Hi folks,


                              Well I just about drove myself nuts but I finally found a solution to the pop-up menu problem.


                              After getting disconnected twice when I called Adobe for help. I gave up and contacted a sales person I had met a Adobe. I told her our predicament and she got a tech guy to call me. Swaraj was great very informative. We went through all the steps to create a button and add a pop up to it and he saw all the problems first hand.


                              So here are the steps we went through:

                              1. Creating a new fresh file for verification of the issue
                              2.       Try to read the installer file, however the installer file was missing the in the exact location.
                              3.       Then run Adobe Support Application  tool and got the link http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403901.html
                              4.       Uninstall each product individually and run the clean script CS4
                              5.       Inserted the Web Premium CS4 disk 1 and put all files on to the desktop (this is important apparently you can create a lot of problems installing directly from the disks)
                              6.       Inserted the second disk and put relevant files on the desktop folder of the software.
                              7.       Run the setup.exe and installed the product successfully.


                              Then I rebooted and checked the installation by running the Adobe Support Application tool again. During installation I had received two messages, one about a CSI file and one saying CS4 failed. However the Support Application said everything was ok.


                              I opened up Fireworks and started testing.


                              To make a long story short. Fireworks will let you add a pop-up menu to a button. However it completely messed up your file. You get all the bugs we have been having, your file will be a mess when you open it in Dreamweaver.


                              HOWEVER-  If you delete all your buttons and use text fields for your buttons, then add a HOT SPOT to each one it will work just great. You can edit the pop ups, export and your layout, CSS etc.. will remain intact.


                              Use hot spots to create pop-up menus not buttons.


                              Hope this works for everyone.


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                                jilltre800 Level 1



                                Thanks for your diligence in getting to the bottom of this issue. Did the person you worked with at Adobe say anything about them fixing this bug? Although I haven't tried it yet, the work around seems plausible...  I do have one question to clarify something... when you say don't use buttons, are you talking about not converting your buttons to symbols? Leave them as graphics, then use text on top, and add a popup menu?


                                That part has be confused a little bit...



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                                  SylviaMcc Level 1

                                  Buttons messed up my whole file. I had to remove the buttons. Then I created a text field on the page and drew a hot spot on top. Then you right click to add a pop-up menu. If you need to add and over state just use states menu  and duplicate the text field. Then you add a simple rollover behaviour.


                                  Get it?

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                                    Hello everyone


                                    I am using CS5 DW and  Fireworks.


                                    I am so frustrated and digusted with  Fireworks. It has been a sheer nightmare using this program. The glitches are unbelievable and the amount of time i have wasted on using this will never be recooped. The financial impact is high and my clients are wondering what  is taking so long.

                                    Every export into Dreamweaver means that I may be in for a surpise. I never know what I'm going to get.  Most of the time the HTML links are non existent or garbled. The site I am working on has over 300 links. When I created the links with an underscore FW exported every link with an extra space and therefore would not work. No matter what I did it would not take the changes.


                                    Adding a button  was a time wasting and labourious task. The only procedure that would work was to  go into edit pop up menu- add the button name- click through the rest of the options until done AND then go to file save all. If that option was grayed out after i had added the button, I knew that my entry didn't take and i would have to do it over again. There didn't seem to be a reason why it would happen, it just did. Then I would have to do the same ridiculous steps over again to insert the link. I'm really looking forward to doing this 300 more tims.


                                    I have used Adobe products for decades and I am so pissed that I encouraged my boss/client to purchase this piece of **** program.

                                    Unfortunately I am stuck with it because it only started happening 3/4 of the way through the project


                                    Unless there is a easy fix for this issue , i will never use it again and I will recommend to my client and students that they all stay clear of this POS.

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                                      Legacys7 Level 1

                                      Wow. I haven't had any issues with it. I think in the past my issues were related to software conflict with Microsoft's beta 2010 office before the official software. After that I haven't had any issues with the program. That was back during 2009. I've used Fireworks with DW CS4 for my clients as well as my website and all works fine. Let me re-read what you're doing.


                                      I wonder if there is a conflict with CS5 for Fireworks CS4?

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                                        pixlor Level 4

                                        southlandtrailers wrote:



                                        Every export into Dreamweaver means that I may be in for a surpise. I never know what I'm going to get.  Most of the time the HTML links are non existent or garbled. The site I am working on has over 300 links. When I created the links with an underscore FW exported every link with an extra space and therefore would not work. No matter what I did it would not take the changes.



                                        One reason you might be frustrated is that you seem to be under the impression that you can create HTML with Fireworks. Fireworks is not an HTML editor; it's an image editor and prototyping tool. For actual site development, you use FW to create layout designs and export images, then use Dreamweaver (which is a full HTML authoring environment) to develop your HTML and CSS.


                                        Nobody complains when DW isn't good at editing images...why do people complain when FW isn't good at HTML?

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                                          Legacys7 Level 1

                                          This^ Fireworks has an html program, but it's a very VERY small one. Again, it's  a designing software and DreamWeaver is the html software.

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                                            southlandtrailers Level 1

                                            Well , well. I posted here thinking that I might get some much needed help. I've been sneered at and scolded in the traditional elistist manner ( no doubt all mac users).


                                            My issue was never addressed or was there any suggestion of a work around.


                                            If I wanted to hand code the css or html I would have used PS. Even image ready would have done a far better job. For the vector graphics it would have been illustrator.


                                            As for the work flow between DW and FW ,( unless I missed something) there wasnt any.  I had made a template with the FW  inserted. When I made a change in FW and exported it to the HTML  page that the template is linked to, nothing changed. I had to delete and reinsert the updated HTML back into the master and then update the site.Useless and time consuming.


                                            Fireworks  will not allow me to add a working link  to any existing graphic or item in the drop down consistently or without a massive amount of time involvement. Add the link, click through the next 3 windows and hopefully be able to see the save all function. If it's greyed out repeat the steps over and over until  I see that save option Repeat  200 times.. After I have exported it to DW,  I pray to the design gods that FW hasn't added any extra spaces to my links , thus rendering them useless.



                                            I would not have wasted my money on a POS program that could not perform the simpliest function.THAT is the issue nothing more.



                                            So please spare me your deprecative comments and refrain from posting unless you have somethng constructive to add

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                                              jilltre800 Level 1

                                              hey, Southlandtrailers..


                                              I fully understand your frustration. I actually have given up on using Fireworks altogether... I don't know if the CS5 version is any better, but I'm not going to spend good money after bad.


                                              At this time, I've just been using the Spry navigation objects that Dreamweaver offers. If I need anything more, I research online, and see if I can get the code there.


                                              hopefully, Adobe will get their proverbial crap together and actually develop a product that can do what they promote it to do.


                                              Again.. sorry for your frustrations. I've been there, and gave up...



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                                                Legacys7 Level 1

                                                Your needed help and asked questions weren't questions at all. You posted nothing but a rant. Unless you were specific in what you were looking for vs.cursing the software, assuming that people were attacking you and assuming that we're Mac users in your long winded attack/post. If you want help ask for it. Help doesn't equate to ranting how F.W. is a p.o.s that you won't recommend it and attacking us. And btw, I'm not a Mac user. But that's both irrelevant and doesn't matter. It's all relative to me. Smh.

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                                                  pixlor Level 4

                                                  southlandtrailers wrote:


                                                  Well , well. I posted here thinking that I might get some much needed help. I've been sneered at and scolded in the traditional elistist manner ( no doubt all mac users).

                                                  Hmm, well, my old comp is Win2k, my main home machine is Vista, my netbook is Win7, and my work laptop is Win7, 64bit.


                                                  You haven't been sneered at or scolded. The help you need is not in using Fireworks, but in understanding what Fireworks is and is not intended do. You've been given advice on how the various tools are intended to be used. You can accept the advice or...continue bashing your head against that brick wall. By not following a good FW-to-DW workflow, you're only making yourself unhappy.

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                                                    > If I wanted to hand code the css or html I would have  used PS. Even image ready would have done a far better job. For the  vector graphics it would have been illustrator.


                                                    FYI neither Photoshop nor ImageReady (which BTW has long been absent from Photoshop) are CSS/HTML editors. For this you need Dreamweaver, in Code mode if you can/want to code yourself, or in WYSIWYG mode if you want to rely on Dreamweaver to do it for you, imperfectly. Photoshop, ImageReady or Fireworks are graphic design packages with some very limited page export options, purely for prototyping and not for production purposes.


                                                    Frankly, your workflow seems to be quite bizarre and you're going against the grain of what the software was created for. Fireworks is not a solution for coding and deploying complete websites. You seem to have access to Dreamweaver so I suggest you research the recommended FW to DW workflow: use FW to prepare, cut up, optimise and export your graphics, then DW to code and manage your site. Honestly - it should solve your problems. What you're looking for is probably easily done with DW Sprys and page templates.


                                                    I am not a Mac user BTW.

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                                                      southlandtrailers Level 1



                                                      Thanks for taking the time out to reply.

                                                      I appreciate the advice and will review my workflow procedures.




                                                      • 24. same old problem
                                                        southlandtrailers Level 1

                                                        Okay people..


                                                        Here we go again.


                                                        Disregard what been said previously.


                                                        Here's the issue in it's simpliest form and the PROOF  that substantiates my previous claims.


                                                        I just tried to add 3 new buttons ( with 2 sub levels)  is to an existng file


                                                        Guess what?


                                                        It didn't work.


                                                        No DW/FW work flow issues

                                                        No hand coding CSS/HTML issues

                                                        No "FW is to be used for previewing purposes..blah blah" ( because it doesn't even do THAT)

                                                        None of that is relevant.


                                                        This program is a POS

                                                        I want my money back and to be reimbursed for all of my lost time.

                                                        • 25. Re: same old problem
                                                          Linda Nicholls Level 4

                                                          You need to contact Adobe support about that. This is a user to user forum. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

                                                          • 26. Re: same old problem
                                                            southlandtrailers Level 1


                                                            Thanks Linda for the Douglas Adams "dismissal"


                                                            I needed a good laugh after trying to make this ( the addition of 3 buttons) work for the best part of today


                                                            I finally got it exported to DW.


                                                            The HTML file( for just the nav bar) looks great

                                                            I insert it into my DIV layer Via insert image objects/FIreworks HTML /and....


                                                            AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT....


                                                            ..grey squares everywhere!

                                                            I had always assumed that the answer to life, the universe and everything was Adobe.




                                                            Taking the rest of the day off to sulk in a big glass of pangalacticgarbleblaster

                                                            • 28. Re: same old problem
                                                              pixlor Level 4

                                                              I want a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster! *hops up and down, annoyingly*


                                                              Sometimes a grey square means that the image can't be found. In your DW site, do you have an images folder set up? Also check the file paths for the buttons. Are the button images in the correct place to match the path in the div?


                                                              Also - just as a sanity check - did the buttons export the images as you expect? (I don't use the button feature, although I really probably should.)

                                                              • 29. Re: same old problem
                                                                Legacys7 Level 1

                                                                Exactly. If the images are not saved in the folder, you'll get a square or however it looks per browser. That's pretty much how all html based website software work. The only brain free software that don't require are flash based programs.

                                                                • 30. Re: same old problem
                                                                  southlandtrailers Level 1

                                                                  Thanks guys for the help


                                                                  I checked it and the file paths are okay


                                                                  I should add some clarification about my issue


                                                                  The button images do show up, however, there are extra grey squares on some of the fly outsFW-issue-one.jpg


                                                                  In this screen cap  you can see that there should only be 2 items on the fly out


                                                                  These do not show up  on the navbar HTML pageFW-issue-2.jpg


                                                                  Thanks again for your help

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                                                                    pixlor Level 4

                                                                    Do you have this posted somewhere, where someone could look at the code?

                                                                    • 32. Re: same old problem
                                                                      southlandtrailers Level 1




                                                                      Don't be too harsh site is in development

                                                                      Oh and BTW the sub menu levels show up very scattered all of a sudden, strange spacing and gaps


                                                                      Thnx for your help and interest

                                                                      • 33. Re: same old problem
                                                                        jilltre800 Level 1

                                                                        Without looking at the code itself.. it looks like the gray is a background color somewhere.... more than likely removing the color, the gray boxes will go away...



                                                                        • 34. Re: same old problem
                                                                          pixlor Level 4



                                                                          This is why you shouldn't let FW write your code for you. It's just bad. I'm sorry, but I can't sort out what the problem is...this code is so complex. Most likely, unnecessarily complex, as every element has its own class...but the styling is the same so...why? I'm using Firefox with the Firebug plug-in (it's a great tool), so I can see where each piece is...but tracking through that alphabet soup of class names would be...like slogging through a jungle without a machete. Ugh.


                                                                          Nobody here recommends Fireworks menus. FW is for images and prototyping, not for building live sites. I'm sorry you put so much work into this menu, but it would probably take more time for me to track down the problem than it took you to build the menu.



                                                                          About the only helpful thing I can say at this point is that, while FW menus get anti-recommendations, people do recommend the menus you can buy at Project VII. I've never used them, because I don't build sites that need that kind of navigation. But people who do use them recommend them highly. I'm sure there are other menu systems out there, I'm just aware of these.

                                                                          • 35. Thanks
                                                                            southlandtrailers Level 1


                                                                            Thank you for taking the time to look at my code. I really do appreciate your effort


                                                                            I agree wholehardily that it is a dogs breakfeast.

                                                                            Sometimes when I start jamming bits and pieces together I create a frankenstein type of site. So I'm thinking that I probably have made it overcomplicated.


                                                                            If there was only some way to use the spry menu bar element to do this.


                                                                            I've tried it but it only supports 3 levels and it was a nightmare to get the top level graphics to work as buttons. Either they wouldn't line up properly  or blue link lines would appear etc etc.


                                                                            I even tried to image map it, but because the site is resiziable, that didn't work either.


                                                                            Anyways, thanks

                                                                            • 36. Re: Thanks
                                                                              pixlor Level 4

                                                                              Hmm. I'm not a fan of detailed menus.


                                                                              Well, just as a Web site design issue, where you have the third level going to "Details" or "Specs," you really could put all that info on one page. For one thing, your visitors can get everything with one click, instead of having to have noted that there was some related info when they went through the menu, and making them go back for it. Up to a point, it's much better to present a scrolling page with all the related information in one place to your visitors than to expect them to keep going back to the menu to see if there's more. If the page gets really long, then it should be broken up. But you only have about two pages worth of info split between Details and Specs. You could easily put all that in one place and not need that third level of navigation.


                                                                              Also, you should make your text text, not images. If you have text (HTML), then search engines can read index the content and your site has a better chance of coming up for people searching for your product. Some of the text in your images is too small to be legible, other text is not smoothly aliased. Producing a Web page is not the same thing as producing a print flyer, which can be done with images. With the Web there's reason to present text.


                                                                              Plus your images are huge. If all your customers have big screens and broadband access, that's fine. But "lean and clean" is never a bad idea. Try this tutorial and you'll see what I mean:

                                                                              http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/design-and-code-your-first-website-i n-easy-to-understand-steps/

                                                                              (The author uses Photoshop for her graphics, but I went through it with FW, just fine.)


                                                                              Finally, options for menus. That FW stuff is horrible. It's impossible to read which means it would be impossible to troubleshoot, maintain, or modify. I did a quick search for "css drop down menu" and there's a lot to choose from. Here's a tutorial that explains how one is built:



                                                                              Here are a couple of menu systems that you can download, customize and use:


                                                                              http://purecssmenu.com/ (This seems to be a menu builder.)


                                                                              Good luck!!