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    Missing Audio Track on playback after "Share" or "Render"


      OK, I am tearing my hair out on this one:


      Premiere Elements 4


      I have captured a bunch of clips (with their own associated audio) from my DV Camera

      I have added music.

      Few title screens and transitions.


      Once I hit the "share" thing, or the render thing, when I play back the resulting file on my PC I only get the music audio!

      The audio associated with the clips is not there.


      I have tried doing different sorts of share formats (i.e. to AVI, to MPEG, to WMV, etc) and it is still the same


      In the Timeline both tracks are NOT muted.

      The Clip audio is not too low (i've read the trouble shooting guide).


      I tried sharing just a captured clip (i.e. didn't add in any music), and the native audio came through on that one, so the problem is probably not with how I imported the clip or anything. Basically it just seems like when I  have 2 audio tracks, one a music track and the other the audio from the video recording, only the music clips are added into the final file, but the audio from the clips themselves is omitted somehow!