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    Security Key?

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      I've been running Production Premium CS3 for a couple of years with no problems.  All of a sudden when I start either Premiere Pro CS3 or After Effects CS3 I get the following error message:


      "The security key for this program currently stored on your system does not appear to be valid for this version of the program. 
      Select Yes to enter a new key, or No to revert to the default setting (if any)."  There are 3 buttons (yes, no, and cancel).


      If I select "yes", I get the following dialog box:  "Enter registration name and key below, exactly as given to you.  Hardware fingerprint:  C1C9-BC5A" and then a place to enter the name and key.  I have no idea what "registration name" it is looking for.  It is not the product serial number because I tried that and it didn't work.  I'm also not sure if these error messages are for Premiere Pro (or After Effects) or is it for one of the add-ons I've installed.


      Anyway, since I cannot figure out what registration name and key to enter, I can hit "cancel" and the program will continue to load again and after a few seconds (and some plug-ins having loaded), I get the same original message.  I can hit cancel and it will continue again.  This will happen 6 or 7 times before the program finallly finishes opeining.  Although this is a very frustrating procedure, the funny thing is that I have not been able to find any problem with Premiere Pro (or After Effects) once I get through all that and the program is running.


      I was wondering if anyone has any idea what is causing all these error messages when I open the programs.  The one interesting thing to me is the mention of a "Hardware fingerprint."  I recently had a problem with an XP update and had to reload my chipset drivers.  I'm wondering if this might be causing the problem.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          A quick update.  Although I'm not sure yet, I now suspect this is a Cineform ProspectHD issue (since that is installed in both Premiere Pro and After Effects and those are the only 2 programs of the suite I'm having this issue with).  I've written Cineform and will update again here once I hear from them.  In the meaintime, I'm still open for other possible reasons/solutions.

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            I got a reply from Cineform and they confirmed this was a Cineform ProspectHD issue caused by a change in my hardware configuration.  They gave me the simple steps to fix the issue and it is now working fine.