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    Loading Dynamic Text Inside Movieclip

      PLEASE HELP!!! I'm in desperate need of assistance. I've been at this for a while and can't figure it out.

      I need to:
      *Load Dynamic text into a container that (fades in the content and stops). It needs to be controlled by a movie clip acting as a button. I can't figure out how to link up the code so that it works properly. I have five different buttons that will bring up different text each time it is clicked. It needs to fade in with each click. I was able to set it up correctly if everything is on the main timeline, however I have a scrolling banner that has the movieclips (acting as buttons) nested within them and the code will not work. So I am clueless at this point. PLEASE HELP if you know how to do this! I would gladly appreciate it.

      Movie clip as button has the following code: