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    How do you deploy Flex applications?

    Lablogics - Brian

      Hi All.

      Flex is great! But...  how do you deploy apps, especially when the environment changes?


      I make use of "Import Web Service (WSDL)" to make the ActionScript framework for webservices which I consume. I have coded those web services in .asmx (c# web services for .NET) and run them locally. The framework Flex Builder creates is just fine, and I can run my app locally with no problem.


      My intention is to distribute the database, the .NET webservices, and the Flex app as a complete solution to my end customers.


      What's the best way to do this?


      1. Using "Import Web Service (WSDL)" creates a framework around a named webservice. Upon deployment the URL for these changes. SO: How can you make it easy to switch the site the webservices are consumed from? Can Flex apps be set up to use an environment variable, or even read a local file for the URL of the webservice I want it to point at? (i.e. something in web.config or elsewhere?)


      2. Should I NOT use "Import Web Service" at all? Am I stupid for using the built in generator and instead write the code by hand? Note: this is VERY time consuming for the number of services that are exposed in larger apps. My typical dev cycle consists of parallel updates/upgrades to web services as they are demanded by elements incorporated in the Flex app.. so it's very convenient to just re-import the WSDL as I make changes.


      Thanks so much for your input!