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    ....should I remove the CS3 suite completely?


      Vista 64 bit.

      Sorry, only one about 800GB SATA HDD, portioned....I I know.

      8GB RAM.

      2x6000x3.1 processor.


      I just installed CS4, and man does it load my projects fast. A previous 1min. to open project now opens in 5sec. Wow...


      All my projects had to be Indexed/Conformed before I could work with them, no big deal.


      But, my video projects are jumpy and somewhat out of sync. I hope that will clear up after they are rendered. And this is where it is a big deal". It will take hours for some to render. I did a search about "CS4 rendering slow and found out about Harm's "Some Suggestions" and "Sysinternals". I also saw Bill's "Pr Pro Benchmark".


      I am going to attempt to do what I can. If you have seen any of my previous threads you will see I am not computer savvy.


      However, before I do anything I want to know one thing. I have the complete CS3 suite. I was wanting to know if CS4 would allow me to access these elements, like dreamworks and others, 'not that I can work with them'  or should I remove/uninstall the CS3 suite completely? All I want to do at this time is use Encore to add Menus, and I am done with my main project. CS4 has included Encore as you know.


      That's it, just one question....for now.


      Thanks again



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          You had CS3 installed and now installed CS4. No problem, they can peacefully coexist on your system. First, I would suggest you finish your projects in the version your started with and for new projects use CS4. Realize that there is no backward compatibility, so once saved in CS4, you can no longer use CS3. In addition, if you remove CS3, you will need to reinstall CS4 and you can no longer use Ultra CS3, if you have that. Ultra requires one of the core components of CS3 to be installed.


          You already know your disk limitations. A single disk is not enough and partitioning this disk does not help at all. On the contrary, it is something from the previous century when disk storage was expensive, but that is no longer the case. There is no argument for partitioning, only against as I explained in the Storage Guide. I suggest you get some additional hard disks.


          Probably in a month time you will start considering moving to Win7. When you make the move, it would be a great time to completely reformat your disk without partitions, install the OS and then CS4, leaving out CS3 altogether and add a couple more disks.


          Just in case you missed these guides: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...

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            zjimbo Level 1

            Thanks for the info Mr. Harm.


            Sorry, I can't complete my projects in CS3. Encore will not respond in my CS3. I tried to get it going, but when all I did failed, I purchased CS4 since it has Encore in it.


            Not wanting to venture real deep in editing, I only need or will ever use, Encore and CS4 for my projects.


            I can keep CS3 for its elements in case some day I do venture out.


            Will it be a problem to just go ahead and work with the old projects in CS4?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              No, with one caveat: Effects or transitions that have changed from CS3 to CS4 may not always work. You may need to replace these manually. The bulk will work without hiccups.

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                zjimbo Level 1

                Yea....Thanks that is good news. I don't want any more hold ups.

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                  zjimbo Level 1

                  Thank you Harm for your help.  I hope I did it right to get the points for you. You have been a good help.


                  One last question: If I wanted to remove CS3 Ultimate from my 'C' drive is that Ok?


                  It is taking up a lot or memory; 23GB, and my 'C' drive is getting full.


                  Like I said, I will not be using the other elements in CS3.


                  As long as I can work with Menus in CS4, with its built in Encore, and Burn a disc, I would like to free up the memory.


                  Thanks again



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    It is no problem to remove CS3, but be prepared to reinstall CS4. When both are installed, they share a couple of registry entries and common programs. Removing CS3 will corrupt CS4, hence it is necessary to reinstall CS4. A bit cumbersome, but it will regain around 23 G on your disk. Once you have done this, run a good disk defragmenter on your disk, something like Diskeeper or PerfectDisk 10.

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                      zjimbo Level 1

                      Harm.......I am so paranoid I will hurt my projects if I remove CS3 and then reinstall CS4.


                      Please indulge and comfort me again....ALL will be OK if I do THIS!


                      I keep thinking my projects will be stranded in cyber-space without CS3 or CS4 to support or house them while I make the swap.  I realize that mental image is based on my lack of knowledge. This is why I am back again to help clear up that hebetic image.


                      Even if you say Go, I will put my hands over my ears when I push the button.


                      Shakey JIm

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        Anything you do to the programs will have no effect on your projects, which are separate files (and hopefully stored on a sepearate disk).

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          Your data will NOT be compromised. Your projects will remain intact, as will your source media. The only thing you may lose by reinstalling CS4 will be any presets, like windows layouts, keyboard customizations and the like, but these can be made again easily.


                          No need to worry. You will have all your important data after the reinstall.

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