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    comp settings

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      i was into AE for a while then moved to another job.  now i'm back into AE.


      the strangest thing happened in AE yesterday.  i opened up one of those AE sample files that comes with the program AE4.  the comp settings were 720 x 486.


      so then i deleted two layers, added one of my own files [a photoshop file that was also set up at 720 x 486], and created the 10-second clip that i wanted.  then i went up to comp settings and changed it to 320 x 240 for the web so i could export it to that size.  when i did this though, only the sample's layers shrunk to 320 x 240; the new layer i added myself remained at 720 x 486.


      anyone have any idea what i did wrong - when i changed comp settings, i wanted all layers to go down to the size i want.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Changing a composition's settings doesn't scale the layers within a composition.


          For information on scaling layers, see "Scale or flip a layer". Note that this section refers to a script with which you can scale all of the layers in a composition.


          However, if all that you're doing is scaling for output to a smaller frame size, you should consider doing the scaling in the output module. Or you could nest your master composition inside a composition with the dimensions that you want and then scale the nested composition to fit.