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    PDF Form Filling


      Hey people, help would very much be appreciated.


      Found a job to apply for...




      Although if push comes to shove i can use the word files that are there, the application form is also in PDF form on the site and it's doing my head in that for some reason i cant fill the form in. Security settings say that form filling is allowed, but i cant!


      Would be very grateful if someone could check out if it is actually possible to fill those PDF forms in, or is it just my computer. or any help at all



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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In order for a form to be fillable, the creator has to add form fields using Acrobat.


          All the security is telling you is that if there actually were form fields, you would be allowed to fill them in. You'll need to use one of the other docs or fill that one out by hand.