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    accessing proporties




      no doubt a silly question ref flash cs4


      if I drag a component from the components panel onto the stage I can visually see it on the stage.


      However if I usew the selection tool and click on the component and the n select shift f7 the component inspector appears but does not list any proporties it just says "select a component instance to .....


      what am I missing?





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am unfamiliar with CS4 and using shift-F7 for a component... I only know it brings up a properties panel in CS3 when that action is taken.  You should be able to access the properties thru the Properties panel as an alternative.  If they haven't changed that entirely, there should be a parameters sections/tab for seeing the properties of components.


          There was a somewhat recent upgrade for CS4.  Have you installed that?  I beleieve it upgrades to version 10.0.2.