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    Editing HD footage on low resolution previews ...


      Hello experts,

      I am using Premiere Pro CS4 to edit large projects in AVCHD format that are finally rendered in High Definition. Despite I have a robust hardware (Vista64, 8 GB RAM, quad core processor) the editing performance is still much slower compared to what I was used when working with standard definition DV footage.

      In previous versions of premiere, there was the possibility to capture in “low resolution”, do the editing process on “low resolution” versions of the original assets and, when the project was finished, to recapture the original video in standard definition for the final rendering.

      Is there a way in Premiere Pro CS4 to carry out the editing work on “low resolution previews” of the original AVCHD and, when rendering the final project, just go back to the original AVCHD HD footage for a top quality result ?

      Any suggestion would be really appreciated !