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    Problem on Sound with Embedded Asset


      My problem:

      a) MP3 files of any bit rate 8kbs or 16kbps loads and play fine when accessed via URL


      b) If embedded as an asset I ran into a lot of grief

           1. if bit rate is low 8kpbps or 16kbps at compile time error message comes

               unsupported sampling rate 8000HZ) and Unable to Transcode

           2. Even with 128kbps the sound plays for only 5 seconds


      c) I tried every resource and every option with my limited experience

          sound, soundeffect, soundasset with 100% success with URL

          but same problems with embedded asset


      My intent was to mail SWF files as attachments with all JPG MP3 resources embedded

      so that I did not need to publish on a website


      Looking forward to your help