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    System  to edit HD



      I want to start putting together a system to edit HD. Have been reading the forum for about an hour.

      A system like jdmack01 put togther seems pretty straight forward.


      Vista Home 64 bit -> Windows 7
      Intel Q8200 Core 2 Quad CPU 2.33 Ghz
      Asus P5QC motherboard
      4 Gig DDR2 Ram
      Nvidai Quadro FX570 Graphics Card
      Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Soundcard
      Built-in IEEE 1394 on motherboard
      3 SATA drives (1 for system, 2 for data)



      I have 2 question:


      I want to first buy a video card so I can use it in my current computer with Premier Pro CS3.

      Will Premier Pro CS3 work with the ATI or Nvidia cards?

      Right now I use the low end graphis on the low end Dell machine and tired of  the jerky video in the monitors.




      I can put together a machine but dont really have the time, the components above cost about $1200, can you buy a machine somewhere

      that can edit HD for $1200?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I would actually change just about every hardware piece you selected.  You're essentially buying outdated/unnecessary hardware there.


          For example, in today's market, anything but an i7 for editing makes very little sense.  The 920 is about the best deal you can make.


          Going with that, you'd need a different motherboard and memory to support it - 6GB of DDR3 should be plenty to start.  But a good call moving to 12 GB if you have the funds.


          The Quadro cards are not only overkill, but a few have had issues using them.  I get by just fine with a $30 ATI 4000 series card.  Don't waste your money on the best GPU there is, cause it just won't make any real difference.


          On board sound is perfectly fine, and has been for severel years.  No need for any sound card.


          I think the only good choice was the minimum three SATA drives.  (System, Projects/Scratch, Media)


          And you can definitely get all that for less than $1,200.  Check out Newegg or ZipZoomFly.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            For that budget you can do much nicer with more room to grow.


            Look here: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...