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    FFX file preview with Adobe Bridge


      Hello all,


      I did post a similar thread in the Adobe Bridge Forum but I thought that possibly the AE comunity may understand my problem a little better.


      I wanted to begin learning After Effects CS4, unfortunately Adobe Bridge CS4 is halting my education.


      My approach to viewing the presets, I begin from within after effects, I click the drop down tool bar on the right hand side of the [effects & presets] panel, I then click browse presets


      If I explore any kind of After effects CS4 preset, and preview it inside of Adobe bridge, my pc freezes. The preview window, within Bridge CS4 turns blank white while it freezes,

      the Windows toolbar of Bridge CS4, says not responding temporarily, if a wait a little while around 30-45 seconds I regain control of my pc again, the preview box occasionally will show a still image and sometimes it will stay white or flickers. If I do wait the 30-45 seconds the toolbar window no longer says 'not responding' I can click to a (non) After effects preset folder, (for example) 'My family pictures' and it will operate normally but if I go back to the After effects CS4 presets again the freezing will occur once more.


      What I find strange is that Adobe Bridge previewing, works absolutely fine for my photoshop documents, Illustrator documents, and any Jpeg photos I have, all after effect presets fail to preview, regardless of type if it's a still shape background or animated sprite, the same freeze issue occurs


      I was wondering if anyone has helpful tips?


      so far I have downloaded all important driver updates for my graphics card, my card is a nVidia GeForce 7900 GS 256, I have also reinstalled bridge and AfterEffects, I have downloaded the latest Quicktime player, I tried reinstalling it additionally.

      I am a Windows vista user, also I have enough RAM I believe, just over 3 Giga

      I dont know how useful the info is on my Pc spec is, but I thought it could be worth mentioning.


      I have looked for a few hours to find some kind of thread with a solution, I have been unsuccessful, I hope someone can help.


      Kindest regards Julian

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your QT system panel and turn off hardware acceleration (use GDI only). This may help.



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            luckjsev7en Level 1

            Hi Mylenium, thanks for sparing me some of your time.


            I did as you said, within my QT panel, *GDI only* sadly had no positive effect from my perspective, the freezing occured as it has always


            For future reference is this setting how I should have it normally, or should i put it back on DirectX accel?


            any other thoughts on what the problem could be?


            regards Julian

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              The default setting of using hardware acceleration should work just fine under normal circumstances. If flipping the switch does not change anything, you may have a more generic graphics cards configuration problem. Are you perhaps running with dual screens or at some odd resolution? hardware acceleration often does not work on the secondary monitors... In any case, there are similar hardware acceleration settings in your graphics configuration. Try take them down a notch (partial acceleration) and see if it helps.