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    Why can't I save a shape tween in Flash CS4?

    ghorsman Level 1

      I'm using Flash CS4 on a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.1.


      I've added two shape tweens on two layers in my main timeline. The SWF tests fine. All is good.


      I close the document.


      I open it up again and the tween shapes are gone and there are only regular frames between the transitional shapes in their respective keyframes.


      I've already added shape hints, and they are completely restored when I convert the intermediary frames back to shape tweens.


      Exporting to SWF after restoring the shape tweens works fine.


      Closing and then opening the FLA still results in the shape tweens reverting back to regular frames.


      Exporting an SWF from the newly opened document shows no shape tweening as it is gone from the main timeline.


      Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


      If extra information is required, I can provide it.


      Properly functioning SWF: