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    Pagemaker 6.5


      Hi, Years ago I used Pagermaker 6.5 on my Mac I have since upgraded to Photoshop. My problem is I need to access some old files that were created with the PM 6.5. I still have my original cd but have long since lost the product key code to activate it. I have been sitting on hold with customer support for over 45 minutes and thought I should ask here. It was registered way back when but I don't  where to go to get it Adobe doesn't appear to have an email addrerss.



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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          The serial number should be on the case of your original installation CD. Be warned, however, that PM will not run in any of the later OSs, whether Mac or Win. It has been officially declared a dead product by Adobe, although they still sell it.

          If all you need is to open a few old files, I would suggest that you try downloading a free 30 day trial of version 7 from here:


          A more rational solution is to upgrade to InDesign, if your needs justify the expense. I think than you would still need your original serial number, though.

          Sorry, as I am not resident in the USA, I cannot suggest any other help.

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            Nekosan1 Level 1

            That's an excellent idea thanks. I don't have the jewel case anymore I was pretty surprised to find that I still had the CD since I haven't needed it for work in years but now I need these forms. I'd like to ultimately transfer them to my photoshop where I do most of my work now.

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              You can't open PM files in Photoshop. PM is a page layout application Photoshop is an image editing application.