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    Reader display skewed when opening two files


      I have a computer that recently updated to Adobe 9.1 on Windows Vista 32-bit.  The first pdf opened appears to be fine, but when a second pdf is opened in the same instance of AcroRD32.exe the display comes out like this:


      Link to full image on ImageShack

      The user has vision difficulties and is running Magic from Freedom Scientific as a screen magnification tool.  Adobe had not been having this problem before the upgrade and will look like this even when Magic is not running.  Screen shot was taken without Magic starting.  She is having to compare two pdf documents that are scans of hand written work for the government so it is important that this is fixed.


      The video card is a GForce 7300 with driver version  DirectX is version 10.  I can get additional information on the system as needed.