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    Importing Illustrator vectors -- not sitting on whole pixels

    sly one Level 1

      Hey all,


      I just opened a mockup that was done in Illustrator CS4 and all the vector shapes are blurry (as if they are not aligned to whole pixels, even though the transform palette in both Illy and FW CS4 shows them on whole pixels). The weird thing is that the entire mockup was created with Pixel Preview enabled in Illustrator and with Pixels as the units (which I thought prevented this from happening). The transform origin in Illustrator  is set to upper left BTW. Visually its as if the whole thing is shifted by a fraction of a pixel in the Y direction. Moving an object in FW does not remove the blurring.


      Any ideas how I can get the edges to look clean without rebuilding the whole thing in FireWorks? Image attached.