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    Problem exporting to tape

    Ballantine nsw

      I have recently upgraded my system to meet HDV requirements. System is Vista 64 bit, 2.83 Ghz Core 2 quad, 4 Ghz RAM, Nvidia G Force 9600GT video card with 512 Mhz RAM and separate drives for video (raid 0) etc etc. I am set up for PAL 25 fps and completed a small 15 minute project. Checked all settings and selected Export to Tape. Everything whent well.....for 4 and a half minutes then Canon HV40 camera displays message "Check HDV/DV input". This happens every time after about 4 - 5 minutes. However, Premiere Elements 7 continues to show "recording to tape". Very frustrating. Capturing video from camera to computer is faultless.

      Has anyone had this problem?