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    loadMovie issue


      I am trying to load an external swf at a specific x& y pos. from a button. This is the code I am using :

      on (release) {gotoAndPlay(4);
      xpos="7", ypos="119";


      The movie loads fine if I remove xpos="7", ypos="119";

      How do I get it to load at that specific position??

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you're going to load into a _level you should use loadMovieNum.  in addition, to change the target _level to your desired x,y you need to wait until loading is complete.


          you'll probably find it's easier to load into a target movieclip because you don't have to wait until loading is complete to assign the desired x,y:






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            uptoppapi Level 1

            loadMovie-1.jpgThaloadMovie-2.jpgnk you. U have me on the right track, but..the code moved the swf to the right x and y pos, but the swf seems to be moved incomplete. check out file I sent.

            Any thoughts?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              that's not the code i suggested.  i explicitly recommended you NOT load into a _level.


              use the code i gave.