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    DNG Converter stopped working


      I am using the Adobe DNG Convertor to convert my CR2 Canon RAW images to DNG files, then Photoshop Elements to save as a JPEG. I use a MAC. The Adobe DNG converter is version 4.4. (It always worked so, I never messed with it.)


      When I open the DNG Converter, it no longer sees the CR2 files in my iPhoto (iMac) library.


      I recently did a software upgrade on my iMac. Perhaps that messed it up.


      I have Bridge that I don't use.


      If I need to upgrade, what do I upgrade? Should I uninstall the DNG first as it doesn't look like there is an upgrade...just a newer version.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? Any detail would be appreciated! Thanks.

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          JimHess-5IFZWq Level 3

          I don't understand why the DNG converter would just stop working.  Did you get a newer camera?  If the camera you are using is not supported by that version, that could be part of the problem.  I would suggest that you download the most recent version of the DNG converter.  It will be compatible with the most cameras.  Also, I note that there are some compatibility options that need to be set in the newer versions that help to ensure compatibility with your other software.  But you really should be using a more recent version.  There are no "upgrades" to any version of the DNG converter, there are only newer versions as you have observed.  It is in your best interest to always use the most recent version.  It will create DNG files that are compatible with all versions of Camera Raw since version 2.4.

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            duglasp Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks a lot. I tried it again tonight and it was working. Strange. I will download a new version soon. Good suggestion.


            Thanks!  Doug