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    How to hide the main file


      for some reason , I don't want people to find where is the main swf.




      1` for some game on FaceBook , you can open it in FireBug(with FireFox)


      2` and from the FireBug info you can find the link of the current swf file


      3` download the swf file , open it with Sothink SWF Decompiler, you can easily found the source code.

      Is there have any way to hide the main swf file(basicly is code swf file)? let user not easy to find what is the main file link?



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          drillnaut Level 1

          Um don't think so.  How are they going to use the application if they cant download the application ?

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            Tunied Level 1

            From what i have analyze


            those game, first will have a


            LoaderSWF ---> this file have respond to load others file (main file , resource file . maybe just lode main file and then main file to load resource file).


            so from FireBug analyse is


            1`---->LoaderSWF file


            2 ----->Missing MainSWF file


            3------->Load other resource file


            4-------> launch the game.


            so is this possible that they use SSL(https) to load the main swf file , so that the firebug can't get the link?