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    A Glossary of Video Editing Terms

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      Often, when stating the details of a question, or a problem, a poster might confuse terms to describe what they are doing, or what is happening. While there can be differences in some of these terms, depending on the NLE (Non Linear Editor) used, most a common across the span of different programs.


      This is a Glossary of Video Terms, and will help one find just right term to use to describe what is happening, or what they are doing.


      Please refer to this, to help you phrase your question, or problem, in the most common terminology, to help others know exactly what is happening. IMO, this is something missing in almost all NLE manuals. I actually found a few terms, that I had been misusing for years.


      Good luck,




      [Credits] Thanks to Harm Millaard for pointing out this link - good work.