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    Wikipedia page for DNG

    Barry C Pearson

      The DNG page on Wikipedia is at:


      It appeared to have been suffering from neglect and structural decay for years. So a couple of weeks ago I registered with Wikipedia with the aim of improving that page and pages related to raw image formats generally.


      There are still some things I believe need doing, but I believe it is more accurate and informative about DNG now. (Click on "View history" to see what sort of changes I have made over the last 10 days or so. I am using my own name).


      People who are interested in this sort of thing may want to get involved in further improving that page. (Maybe they will want to replace some of what I have done!) Remember the importance of a "neutral point of view" and of "verifiability".


      If people spot errors, ideally they should correct them themselves. But for anyone who doesn't want to try that, post the errors here along with corrections and I can make the necessary changes.