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    Question about spamming of Exchange


      Hi.  I was wondering if there was a way to block youself from seeing an uploader, or if there could/would be some sort of "report" link for what (imho) amounts to spamming of the Photoshop Exchange.


      The situation I am running into is this.  I have been searching through various offerings on Exchange.  I have often filtered by "freeware", and the same thing keeps coming up on various sections.  It's supposedly a calendar template.  My first issue with this is that it is not confined to the template catagory.  It seems as if the uploader has put it in every catagory available just so more people see it.


      Another problem I have with it is that it's listed as "License: Freeware"  "Cost: Free"  So after seeing it many times, I decided to download it.  It's just a jpg sample, not a template.  You have to go to another website to get the template.  There you can purchse the template.  The templates offered on that site range from $10 - $80.  How is this free?


      So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to either block or report people/companies that are abusing an otherwise great service on Adobe.  Any help would be appreciated.


      If you want to see the specific user/company that I'm talking about it's "candidphotostore".


      Thank you.

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          I also need to know that.  I've been looking everywhere for a way to give feedback on one uploader who has many extensions.  When you click "download" you are redirected to their website.  The uploaders redirect you to PremiumCoding.


          You click "download" and get redirected to a "for pay" page for other templates and it has a headline that says "now that you've obtained the freebie, here are other downloads..."


          - except there's no download in progress.


          I checked "contacting support" or "providing feedback".  When I chose "Photoshop" (because there's no "exchange") I get to this page:



          But no "submit" button actually shows up - so there's no "next action".


          - if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.